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I had to upload a video about this whole Topshelf Records tshirt thing because I’m just laughing way too hard right now and I wanted to share my happiness with you all.

So I just got like 100 Anonymous hate messages because I gave my opinion about a tshirt, a label, and some bands.

I would to start by saying thank you so much because I’m bored at the moment and this put a smile on my face and is currently keeping entertained. And this brings me back to my point. Get off your high horses and chill out. I’m not bashing you for liking the music you like, I’m just saying I personally think it’s bad. But apparently its cool to bash me for not liking the music that you like haha. God forbid I don’t like some bands. Whatever people. But for real, this is me at the moment:

And here you are: 

And all I can say is: