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Haven’t recorded something heavy in a while so I jotted down part of an idea tonight.

I haven’t made a guitar cover video in a really long time. 

Artist: I, The Breather
Track: The Common Good
Album: Truth and Purpose

Practice time, gotta build that endurance \m/

Daath - Sharpen the Blades

I found a new guitar riff to build my endurance on. I’m going to start playing this song at least a few times a day all the way through.

I, The Breather - The Common Good (guitar cover)

Just a boring monday night.

Check out my friend Karl Killer’s drum audition for the band Casino Madrid. Share it around with your friends and followers.

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As I Lay Dying - Empty Hearts

I miss this too much.

Your band obviously isn’t metal enough if I can read the name. 

This is a demo that I wrote and recorded yesterday that I will probably be using for my new project. I just about completely redid how I mix my songs. The drum samples are all new, the bass tone is new, the guitar tone is new, most of my plug-ins are new, and the mastering is all new. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated! :)

Bored. Breaking Point (solo) by Parkway Drive